Deliverance Prayer Workshops

The Catholic Centurion deliverance prayer workshops are designed for those called to the ministry of deliverance and those desiring knowledge for themselves (or for their parishes/dioceses) on how to conduct spiritual warfare in the pursuit of holiness and living the good Catholic life. Workshops can be requested by parishes, dioceses, religious organizations, college youth ministries, and even young adult groups. Read on to learn about our two current workshops, Deliverance Prayer Training and Spiritual Warfare in the Modern Age.

Workshop 1: Deliverance Prayer Training

The Deliverance Prayer Training Workshop is a step-by-step guide to performing deliverance in the context of the Roman Catholic Church. Participants will learn:

  • The Catholic Centurion Model for how to conduct deliverance prayer sessions

  • To help others by taking hold of the authority given to us at Baptism

The main takeaway: how to conduct deliverance safely and effectively for all involved.

Workshop 2: Spiritual Warfare In The Modern Age

The Spiritual Warefare in The Modern Age Workshop is an introductory course on spiritual warfare, deliverance, and exorcism based on the parameters of the Roman Catholic Church. Over the course of four sessions, participants will learn:

  • The principles of spiritual warfare in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, as well as in Church teaching

  • The nature of evil, Satan, and the kingdom of darkness

  • The nature of angels and demons

  • The ministries of deliverance and exorcism, their similarities and their differences

  • How we, as Catholics, can and should respond to spiritual warfare

  • How to fight and win spiritual battles in the name of Jesus Christ

  • Our rules of engagement

  • The types of ordinary and extraordinary diabolic activity that can be experienced, as well as their antidotes

  • The spiritual laws God has established that demons must abide by

The main takeaway: how to live the good Catholic life and resist temptation and the attacks of the devil.

How It Works

Both workshops are taught in person. Our counselors are willing to travel throughout the northeastern United States. However, if the travel destination is very far and very expensive, we ask that the requesting party cover the travel expenses, or at least, share in them. We are willing to conduct online workshops in cases where travel would be difficult.

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Don’t worry about the darkness however much it afflicts you. It is useful, however, to make the Sign of the Cross every now and then on your forehead while saying these words, ‘May the Holy Spirit enlighten our senses and our hearts with his grace,’ or else, ‘Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.’ In temptations against faith, invoke St. Michael and Sts. Peter and Paul.
— Letter of Padre Benedetto, spiritual director to Padre Pio